About Coolfish



Our Story

Since its inception in 2017, Coolfish Apparel has been the leading purveyor of sporty, casual, and comfortable clothing for the Panhandle lifestyle. Owner Andrew Whited created Coolfish Apparel as a hobby while working out of the seafood market he owned with his brother Chris. We believe that a successful business is built on offering outstanding products at fair prices with quality customer service and we pride ourselves in world-class customer service and a convenient shopping experience.















The Mahi Logo

The Mahi-Mahi is one of the most beautiful and delicious fish that you can catch in the Gulf. Our logo represents the way of life here on the Panhandle: our beautiful emerald beaches, mixed culture and our love of music and of course - fishing! Chris owned a charter boat named Perfect Shot and would bring in big catches to sell. Deckhands would point to the Mahi and always remark “Cool fish!”.




Our Product

Coolfish Apparel is the leader in keeping you cool and comfortable in true Panhandle fashion, selling hats, t-shirts, shorts, shirts, and pullovers for men and women. Our materials are antimicrobial and designed to keep you cool for any activity. The colors and designs are reflections of the coastal lifestyle and appeal to anyone looking for both comfort and style.